Lifetime Adds ‘BAPs’ To Their Lineup, A Reality Series About Black American Princesses


Television networks understand now more than ever that reality shows bring in the big views. Lifetime wants their share and has decided to add a new series called BAPs to their show lineup.

You may remember the 1997 film by the same name starring actress Halle Berry in which she played a hairdresser that ran off to Hollywood to star in music videos. While there, she meets a wealthy elderly man who leaves his fortune to her and her sidekick. While we’re talking about it, let me just add that B*A*P*S is one of my favorite movies!

Anyway, the Lifetime show is nothing like the movie.

The show is about a bunch of accomplished, “cultured” Black people who (according to one of the cast members) “relates to the White suburban experience.”

Ya’ll…I have so much to say about this mess of a show but I’m just going to go with this: I was hoping that this was actually about Black royal families. The whole, “I’m so great because I’m educated and can relate to White people” blows me.

Watch the show’s reel below and let us know if you plan to tune in.

The show premieres Wednesday, July 23rd at 10pm.

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