Life Lesson :: Don’t Get Comfortable In Playing It Safe, Be Willing To Take Risks

Don’t be so comfortable in being comfortable that you don’t take risks or do anything different. When you’re at the bottom, what do you have to lose? 

In so many words, Pastor Cathey of The WestPoint Church in Hattiesburg posed this question to us Sunday afternoon and it really made me think. How often do we play it safe in life and just get comfortable in our situations? We settle (essentially, giving up) and forget that ALL things are possible.

The Bible and history is full of stories about miracles and the “impossible” becoming possible for someone. What makes us think that it couldn’t happen for us? Every day we see evidence of a dream come true. The clothes we wear, the technology we use, the restaurants we eat at all were once someone’s idea.

Maybe you’re not struggling with reaching a dream…maybe you have an issue in your life that’s nagging and won’t go away. The truth is that we all have issues like that, but quitting is not an option. It doesn’t matter if it’s your health, a relationship, whatever it is in your life…you can’t give up the fight to make your issue better OR to make your dream come true.

Instead of giving up, make the choice to continue pushing forward especially if it’s something you really want for yourself. Be on the lookout for opportunities (because they are truly all around you, you just may not notice them) and be willing to take risks. Commit to whatever it is you want and be patient, have faith and wait for your reward.

I’ll use this blog as an example. When I first started out, I didn’t know what I was doing. When I started gaining a solid readership, I began to map out what I wanted this project to evolve in to. There are times as and when doubt creeps in, but I have faith that my vision will come to fruition. I also celebrate the small victories because each one is a little “taste” of what it will feel like once the dream has been brought to life. I’m not where I want to be, but I definitely know that if I ever want to actually be there and not just say it…I have to put in work.

And so do you! Keep the faith, ya’ll!


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