LHHATL’s Benzino & Althea Confirm They Were Fired From The Show (TWEETS)

Just as and when Althea thought she was going to get the ultimate come up…

Benzino recently confirmed via Twitter that he and Althea were fired from VH1’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and homeboy was not happy. Aside from retweeting virtually every Twitter mention that came his way in support of him and Althea remaining on the show, he had a lot to say himself.

Personally, I won’t miss them on the show. I didn’t care for Althea and Benzino isn’t all that interesting without Stevie and Kirk so he can’t really stand on his own anyway. He’s claiming that he found out he was fired on TMZ and it’s because of the reunion show fight, but I’m not buying it. It’s either a publicity stunt for the upcoming season (since Love & Hip Hop Hollywood is losing everyone) or they really were fired and will be replaced by much more interesting characters.

I’m sure Althea’s “music career” is more upset about this than anyone.

What are your thoughts on them being fired from the cast?

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