LHHATL Episode 9 :: Joseline & Karlie Become Besties, K. Michelle’s White Tongue and Momma Dee’s “Motherly” Advice

Love & Hip Hop ATL has become one of my favorite shows to watch as and when I have a little downtime. As usual, I watch the episode after everyone else has because I often find myself so into what everyone is saying on Twitter, that I can’t really take the episode in.

This week’s episode was much of what we’ve come to expect from the show except for one thing – Stevie J didn’t make his signature face! *pouts*   

Love Triangle Therapy Session

Where did Mimi and Stevie J’s therapist get his degree from? Everest College? I mean really, I’ve gone to therapy sessions and I don’t see any ethical and responsible therapist allowing and even encouraging a mistress to participate.

Stevie J’s lies are definitely beginning to catch up with him and it is pretty obvious that he is lying to Joseline as well. You could tell by her punching him as soon as MiMi revealed that she had been living with him. You can’t fake a reaction like that.

I personally feel that MiMi should have been the one slapping and punching him a LONG time ago. Scratch that, they both should have slapped him for having them in a therapy session as if they were in a three person relationship. Well, they are in one huh?

Stevie J has already admitted that he’d have them both if he could and it looks like he can. Good luck!

Momma Dee…SMH

I’m not much of a Momma Dee fan anymore. She gives her son horrible, terrible advice. I’m still trying to figure out her motives. It seems as if she may not want to see Scrappy happy (hey, that rhymes!).

At first her antics were funny, but now they are just pitiful and sad. I’m with Erica when it comes to Momma Dee. She needs to sit down somewhere and examine her own life and happiness before trying to advise someone else.

We won’t even talk about her misspelling bitch. LOL!

Karlie & Joseline Become Besties

In the fakest friendship in the world news, Karlie and Joseline have become BFFs! In a rock climbing “date,” the two women bonded over men and music.

As much as I hate to admit it, Joseline has grown on me. Take away her obvious disrespect for MiMi and her situation, she seems like fun to be around. Considering that she and Karlie were once beefing, in typical fake female behavior they are now friends or whatever. *side-eye*

Karlie dishes on how Benzino has changed and how he is always angry. That seemed to come out of left field and all I can say is I understand how Benzino is annoyed by her only discussing her career.

K. Michelle Discusses Being Abused

Ironically after Toya Wright finally speaks on the accusations against her husband, in this episode K. Michelle opened up again about the abuse she suffered. Rasheeda questioned K. Michelle’s allegations because of her close friendship with Toya and Memphitz.

During the event that KM was speaking at, she made a point to say that the guy was a record executive. I have never been a victim of domestic violence before so I’m not in a position to say what I would or would not do. I kind of feel like she’s being a little extra and I feel like a better way to deal with it is to continue speaking at seminars but keep it off TV.  We all handle things differently and maybe she just wants to expose him. IDK.

Was anyone else distracted by all the plaque on her tongue?? Ew!!!!!!!!!! I use my tongue scraper religiously and I hate (with a passion) to see someone’s white tongue! Do you brush your teeth? At all??

Anyway, click here to watch the full episode in case you missed it. The season finale airs Monday and we can expect to see MiMi walk away from Stevie J for good.

Did you enjoy the episode? Post your thoughts!

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