Let Me Help You With Your Blog! + Testimonials From My Clients

Are you interested in starting a blog or building your readership and influence? When I started this blog/website in 2012, I had similar questions to those that I receive almost daily through email and private messages. How do I start a blog? How can I grow my audience? What tools should I use?

These questions inspired me to launch services just for bloggers like you….I now offer blog consultations and strategy sessions!

These one-hour sessions are sure to help you find direction for your blog and give you the tools to overcome some of the challenges you’re experiencing. You don’t have to take my word for it, here’s what other bloggers had to say.


Carmen is a fairly new blogger who needed help with making sure she was starting off on the right foot.


JaVaughnae is a friend of mine and she’s been blogging for a while now. I always tell her how much I envy the goldmine of a blog she’s sitting on. We discussed content ideas and how she can break large posts into smaller ones to make the best use of her time and content.

Invest in your blog today by reserving your consultation. With it you’ll receive a mini-notebook that will help you keep your notes from the session organized. For a full description of the consultation, visit my Brands & Bloggers page here. To purchase your slot, click here.

Please pass this information on to bloggers who may need it. :)

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