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Lauren Lawrence Talks What Inspired Her To Start Her Own Online Consignment Shop, ConsignMintMs

Who doesn’t love cute, trendy clothes at a great price?

Lauren Lawrence, owner of ConsignMintMs, has created an online consignment shop for thrifty, trendy spenders everywhere. The 23-year-old graduate of Jackson State University in Jackson, Mississippi was inspired to open her online shop after having an “epiphany.” Check out her interview with us below!

JS: Why a consignmint shop? Tell us a little about it and how you decided to get into fashion.

LL: is an online consignment clothing and accessories boutique for women ages 18-30. I started it in July after having an epiphany! I am always consigning and shopping with the local consignment shops in Jackson, and I thought, I can do this. It’s mostly my clothing right now, but starting in 2013, I am opening it up to accept consigning contracts.

JS: When people visit your website, what can they expect? 

LL: It’s always a work in progress, but my visitors can expect to see Lauren across every inch of the site. Every page on the site was created and edited by me. And of course, you will see cute and contemporary clothing. I refuse to sell clothes that extremely worn or out-dated. You will find something that you will be excited to wear!

JS: You mentioned that visitors “can expect to see Lauren across every inch of the site” and that most of the items were your actual clothing. How would you describe your personal style?

LL: I would describe my personal style as conservatively chic with a modest edge. For the most part, I do not wear anything that is too revealing. I believe in balance. If I’m showing skin up top, then chances are, my lower body will be covered, and vice versa. I love to keep it modern, though. I definitely believe in avoiding styles that look too old for my age. Every now and then, I may do something a little daring because I admire edgy fashionistas such as Rihanna or Solange.

JS: What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

LL: My inspiration comes from different sources. I’ve always had encouragement from my father to create my own opportunities instead of waiting for someone else to hand them to me. Secondly, my current relationship has inspired me greatly. I think that the best relationships are those that include two people who inspire each other positively. Also, my current career as a television account executive has played a part in awakening my entrepreneurial spirit. I’m a marketing consultant to local business owners daily and I love to hear to hear what makes them successful. I love talking to people who have created careers out of their passions.

JS: We’ve worked together on projects in the past and were classmates at JSU, so I know how good you are at public relations. How has your PR and advertising background helped you with your own business?

LL: My favorite part of developing is brainstorming ways that I can creatively market my site and attract my ideal customer. My background in PR and advertising has helped me to think outside of the conventional box to develop ideas that are effective and cost efficient. Also, I understand that what may work for another online boutique, might not work for me, so it’s best to really know your ideal customer and focus on THEM. You cannot be everything to everybody.

JS: What advice do you have for other young entrepreneurs? 

LL: My advice for other young entrepreneurs is to figure out what you would love to do and live your life discovering ways to monetize it. You are going to master what you love, so let that lead you.

You can shop with Lauren and ConsignMintMs by visiting them online at or via Facebook at (how cool is it that you can shop through their Facebook page?) You can also view their closet on the iPhone app Poshmark.

Make sure to follow ConsignMintMs on Twitter to stay updated on new inventory, sales and special discounts @ConsignMintMS!




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