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Ladies, Does A Man’s Opinion About Your Hair Matter?

I never understood just how big of a deal hair is to some men. You would think that other features, traits and characteristics of a woman would hold more weight than the length or style of her hair.

Besides “going” natural, the latest hair trend revolves around a style from back in the day – box braids. We’ve seen the look on our friends and celebs alike, but this “box braid bandwagon” isn’t something most men are happy about.   

In an article on the blog, What Would A Man Do, the author compiled a list of quotes from men on why women shouldn’t be quick to go grab those bags of hair and get to braiding.

“Box braids are fine if you’re a 12-year-old or a 60-year-old going on a Tom Joyner cruise, b. Just get your hair done. Braids speak lazy and they don’t look good. Bey is a beauty. She looks like her fans now… homely and what not. If she wants to show us something new… she should show us her real hair, a new cut. I don’t like braids on Solange either, but I kinda get it. She’s boho, she’s away from the spotlight and has in-between hair I’m sure and isn’t that cute so… Women will catch a fit if a dude has cornrows. The same should apply to them.” —Chris Law, 29

“I haven’t seen any girl look good in it at all. Honestly, and as and when it’s trailing down to your butt all extra long and extravagant for no reason I think it’s ridiculous. Nothing’s better than natural hair. Even if it’s short and simple, that’s better than long, silly and fake.” –Greg, 22

“You talking bout the braided pull up joint? If we talking about the same thing then I’m not a fan. A grown woman should only have microbraids when going on vacation to a third world country where they don’t have hairdressers or when playing Janet Jackson in Poetic Justice.” –Devon, 28

While reading the comments, I couldn’t help but get a little…irritated, for lack of a better word.

I guess my irritation stems from the fact that because men aren’t particularly fond of the style, we’re urged not to try it out and made me wonder if a man’s opinion about our hair means as much to US as it they think it does.

I remember before I decided to do the BC, I asked my boyfriend how he felt about it. Not that his opinion would sway my decision one way or the other, but because it was going to be a very drastic change. For something like box braids, no one else’s opinion really matters.

I think you should do what you think will make you happy and help you get that “look” you’re going for.


Have you ever changed your hair because your man didn’t like it? Does his opinion play a part in the way you wear your hair?


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