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(VIDEO) My Labor & Delivery Story + Meet Our Baby!

After over 41 weeks of anticipation, the love of our lives arrived on April 9, 2017. Baby Marley Elijah has been the joy of our world since his arrival and today I’m sharing his birth story!

I’ve included a YouTube video if you’d rather watch than read but I’m going to try my best to recap the whole process from the beginning.

Marley’s due date was March 30 and at my 38 week appointment, I pretty much knew that I would more than likely go past that date (although I was hoping like hell I wouldn’t). I’d read so many stories about being medically induced and your contractions being more painful as a result and I really didn’t want to make things more intense than they would already be…especially because I was terrified to push.

It was very discouraging to hear that I hadn’t begin dilating for three weeks in a row because I was so ready to meet my child and to not be pregnant anymore. On top of dealing with my own emotions, I had people telling me not to rush and people texting me literally all day every day asking if I’d had the baby. It was very annoying and didn’t help the emotions I was feeling! When I made the 41 week pregnant mark, I’d officially lost hope for going into labor naturally and was completely over the whole process. I didn’t even talk about having the baby anymore…that’s how sad and discouraged I was.

After talking to my mom, reading about the risks of going past 42 weeks pregnant and actually being scheduled for a 42 week appointment, I decided to try some exercises to get labor going. I found a YouTube video of exercises to naturally induce labor and decided to give them a try around 11 AM that Friday night (April 7). After doing about two or three of the exercises one-by-one for about an hour, I turned on RuPaul’s Drag Race and tried to get some sleep.

Around 3 AM the next morning (April 8) I had action!

I started to have really bad period-like cramps and I knew they were contractions.

I begin using a contraction timing app to track how long and how far apart the contractions were and as and when they began to happen around every 10 minutes I thought that I might finally be going into labor. Yikes!

The last thing I wanted was to be sent home if I wasn’t actually in labor so after telling Tony, I wanted to make super sure that it was the real deal. I’d watched a labor and delivery story on YouTube and remember hearing the girl say that her doctor told her to take a hot shower when she started feeling contractions and if they didn’t stop after the shower to go ahead to the hospital. So I took a shower and started praying for my baby, my doctor, the nurses and myself and the contractions got so intense I had to squat and let the water run down my back. It’s worth mentioning that before my shower I’d had diarrhea and vomited…both signs of actual labor.

We made it to the hospital and I was in a private room by 7:40 AM. I met my nurses and signed paperwork and everything after that went pretty slow for the next several hours.

Despite my contractions coming consistently, I still was not dilating. That afternoon my doctor came by and broke my water (during a contraction) and it was pretty painful. It felt like a pinch and then the gush came. The nurses gave me pitocin and told me to wait things out a little while longer but unfortunately, it didn’t help my labor progress.

I was given an epidural that evening and it hurt like hell! Oh when it had been administered though…pure bliss! I would advise anyone to get the epidural – I literally did not know I was having contractions unless I saw them on the monitor. It was worth the few minutes of pain I endured trying to get it done.

By 5 AM the next day (April 9) I was informed that I would be having a c-section because my doctor didn’t want to continue putting my body or the baby under the stress we were both under. I still hadn’t dilated past 3 centimeters.

I remember feeling a lot of emotions but mostly fear.

I’d never been admitted into the hospital, never had any type of operation or surgery and this was my first time being pregnant and having a baby. I was terrified. I texted my pastor asking for prayer, I prayed and prayed from the time I was told I would be having a c-section until I was actually on the operating table and I read sweet little notes from my church members to try and focus on something positive.

I was afraid because anything could go wrong. There were so many what-ifs and I’d gone into the hospital the day before not knowing that Marley’s birth would take that turn. There was very little time to prepare for such a major event.

By the time Tony was suiting up to go into the operating room with me my body had started trembling. I literally couldn’t say much because I was shaking from fear so bad. Tony was great though, he whispered encouraging and positive words in my ear, held and rubbed my hands throughout the whole process. He was truly an amazing partner.

Everything went so fast…the operation started around 8:19 AM and Marley was born at 8:24 AM. Although at my last doctor’s appointment I was told that he was measuring 8 pounds, he was only 6 pounds 13 ounces. He was 20 1/2 inches long and perfectly made.

Giving birth has been the highlight of my life and it’s truly a real-life depiction of how great God is and how strong women are. We literally give life! How awe-inspiring is that?!

Thank you to everyone who has followed our journey and said words of encouragement and prayed prayers of blessings for us. We appreciate it so much! I’m a mama now! I still can’t believe it!

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