Kristal Lost Weight, Gained Confidence

Kristal McBride


Age: 26
From: Jackson, Mississippi
Height: 5’1
Starting Weight: 180
Current Weight: 135

Weight can play a huge role in a person’s confidence level.

For Kristal, her weight hindered her from “feeling pretty” and being able to confidently wear different types of clothing without feeling self-conscious. Instead of allowing those feelings to take over her life, she decided to do something about it.


Kristal before her weight loss.

She began her weight loss journey in high school by trying out different sports like soccer and volleyball, which led to about a 30 pound weight loss. When she enrolled in college at Jackson State University, still unhappy with her body, she found a trainer at the school who helped her develop a workout routine and healthy habits for two months. She credits a “good clean workout while eating healthy” as her method of losing weight but prefers running on the track because it was the major catalyst of her weight loss and it also toned her body before and after she gave birth to her daughter.

It has taken Kristal about nine years to lose weight and be “fully happy” and more confident with her body. She says:

Any weight loss takes time, you just have to be dedicated and know the end result will be GREAT.



Congrats on your weight loss success Kristal, you look fab!

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