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So last week I talked about job hunting and I had a little luck come my way. I had an interview in Atlanta!

I believe it went well and hope to hear good news soon. Anyway, in the past, I’d get to do a lot of things while visiting Atlanta. This time, I didn’t get to do as much since I only visited for two days, but I enjoyed my time there. Other than my interview, I spent time with my brother and niece, had lunch with one friend, hung out with another friend and, of course, got lost in the traffic. Again, still a nice mini-getaway from my hometown.

Since I’m all about being valiant and speaking things into existence this year, I’ve thought about placing myself in the city and thinking about how my life would be there. I know Atlanta is where “all the black people go” but going to and from work in that (awful) traffic, hanging out with my brother and cousins, hanging out with friends, going on dates, seeing attractions all sound great and it gives me something to strive for. Why? Because it’s so different from Grenada, Mississippi.

Going from a place where the pace is slow and there’s not much to do to a place where there’s always something going on would be wonderful. It would be new and I would have new challenges to face every so often. I wouldn’t be BORED. I’ve tried to find something to do or make use of my free time like I used to do as and when I lived in Hattiesburg, but there aren’t as many resources to make this happen. Can’t just drive over to Books-A-Million and sit and read because there’s no Books-A-Million in Grenada. So I just stay on the Internet or visit friends. It works for me anyway.

But listen, whenever you go to Atlanta, go to the Georgia Aquarium! If you haven’t, do it! It’s amazing. When I’m living there, we can go visit it together.

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