Koni’s Quips: Reflections Of A Birthday Girl


Back in January, I wrote my first post for called “Allow Me To Introduce Myself” where I talked about being valiant – reminder: valiant means “possessing or showing courage or determination.” Though I haven’t shown this in all the situations I’ve been in so far, I realized that I’m only six months into 2014 and I still have time. Since my 26th birthday is tomorrow (June 7th), I decided to reflect on my growth so far this year.

In the introduction, I talked about my Tumblr post where I described some goals I had for 2014. The goals were moving out of Mississippi, not being afraid to speak up and writing more. Let me update you all on that and some other things.

I’m still working on the moving thing. Just need money and a place to stay. It has been pretty difficult since some of my options for a place to stay have changed, but I’m going to contact some other family in Atlanta. So keep your fingers crossed.

When it comes to speaking up, I’ve done more of it this year. I help out a business in my hometown with PR and social media. I share my ideas and it’s nice to actually be heard. Though all my ideas may not always be used, it’s nice to know that they are appreciated.

I’ve done well with the goal of writing. I contribute to this site and another blog called She Be Knowin. Writing for two blogs has definitely sparked my creativity and given me an outlet to share. I do want to spend more time journaling and writing on my personal Tumblr though.

While I worked on those three goals, other things have happened. For example, I have opened myself up to love. The “friend” who helped me come up with the title “Koni’s Quips” is now my boyfriend. How funny is that? Though I have conquered the fear of letting love in, I deal with other things. One is being in a long distance relationship, which I talked about back in April. The other is jealousy, which I talked about two weeks ago. I also dealt with my weight, job hunting and realizing what kind of job I really want.

The point is while there are setbacks in life, I can look back and see that I have more courage than I thought. I was afraid of pledging Delta back in 2008, but I did it. I was afraid of grad school, but I applied, went and graduated! When I’m feeling down, I think about what I’ve already accomplished and it motivates me to do more. And besides, I think the baby pictured above would be pretty happy with the lady I’ve become!

As I said earlier, I see that it’s OK that I haven’t done everything I’ve planned to do this year. There’s still time in 2014 and for the rest of my life. So as I turn 26, I see that I have a bright future ahead of me and I’m ready for it.

Wish Nikonie a happy birthday on Twitter @KidKoni.

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