Koni’s Quips: Pure Vida!


Eight years ago, I took a trip to Costa Rica for my Spanish class a couple weeks after graduating from high school. Only four of us went on the trip: my Spanish teacher, her daughter, another classmate and me. After getting some donations from businesses, my church and people close to me, my mother and I only had to pay $600 out of pocket for the $1700+ trip. The entire experience was amazing and looking back on moments in that beautiful country picks me up as and when I’m down. No matter how bad I feel, I remember how hard I worked to actually go out the country and see things I would have never seen if I had stayed home.

We left Jackson and flew to Dallas/Fort Worth then to San Jose. It was nighttime when we got there so the city was lit up. It was beautiful and since this trip was the first time I rode on a plane, I was super excited. I finally saw what it was like to be in a place that seemed like paradise. The phrase “Pura Vida,” which means “pure life” or “good life,” couldn’t be truer.

caribbean1_main pic

We spent eight days in the city, the rainforest, zip lining, hanging out near volcanoes and enjoying on the Caribbean coast. And the funny thing is, though it was a trip for Spanish class, the locals will mostly try to speak English to you. However, if you tell them you want to try to speak Spanish, then they’ll be more than happy to do so and help you with it. So it’s true that people there are nice.

Anyway, with the Mercury retrograde throwing things in my life around, it’s good to slow down and reflect on how far I’ve come and remember I have a lot to look forward to. That’s actually something I’ve read about the retrograde. It’s usually a time to slow down. I also plan to think back to chilling in a hammock when I need to relax. Visiting Costa Rica is something I will never forget and I hope to go back again someday.



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