Koni’s Quips :: My Pinterest Baking Challenge (Nutella Brownies)


Most people know I LOVE Pinterest. I’m always pinning things for future reference and I just enjoy being able to get recipes and style ideas from such a great site. Anyway, I’ve seen this recipe for Nutella Brownies on Pinterest for a while now and I finally decided to try it. Plus, I always have goals to try a dish I find on Pinterest every now and then.

So this recipe only requires THREE ingredients! Amazing, right? I wanted to try this since it looked easy and I felt like it was too good to be true.

The ingredients are:
• 1 cup Nutella
• 2 eggs
• 10 tablespoons flour


Combine the ingredients in a bowl and I just want to let you know that scooping that cup of Nutella out the jar is a pain. Next, you start mixing. And here’s a pro tip: use a mixer if you have one. Probably a small hand mixer because using your actual hand is also a pain. Or maybe I’m just weak.

After your mixture is nice and smooth, set your oven to 350° and pour the mixture into a pan or into a muffin tin. I chose the latter and I used the baking cups for easier clean up.


The recipe said to bake them for 30 minutes for brownies, but since I did mine in cupcake form, I set my timer for 26 minutes. But of course, this can be adjusted. Once my timer went off, I grabbed a toothpick and stuck it into a couple of the cupcakes. Once I pulled it out and saw that it was clean (had no pieces of cupcake stuck on it), I took them out and let them cool.


Once they cooled, I took one for myself to enjoy. I didn’t frost them like I do with most cupcakes because I wanted to make sure they looked like the pictures in the recipes and I think they do a little.


Looks like I won this challenge. Now I should try a more difficult recipe. Hope you all try and enjoy!

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