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You know Beyonce’, right? You see her everywhere and you constantly hear her music. You either love her or hate her. (Because according to places like Twitter, there’s no in between.) You might have hit a stripper kick to “Drunk In Love” like the rest of us. I can’t think of an artist who gets attention the way she does.

Beyonce’ divides people.

Blogger vs. blogger. Fans vs. non-fans. Stans vs…everyone.

There have been so many articles and blog posts about every little thing she does. One UK newspaper called her a “whore” after her Grammy performance, a writer at the New York Post said Jay-Z was a poor excuse for a husband for “objectifying” her on stage at the Grammys, white feminists slammed her for her use of the word “bitches” on her track “Bow Down” and some people are just plain tired of her and her stans.

There are so many things about Beyonce’ that can be discussed, but I’m just going to talk about three things – her Grammy performance, how her personal life is shown in the media and how people dissect her music.


Bey performed “Drunk In Love” with Jay-Z at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards. She came out in a bad wordy bodysuit and twerked for her life. It wasn’t her best performance, but I enjoyed it. So, of course, after her performance, there were a lot of comments, positive and negative. The negative comments included her lip-synching, her outfit choice and the performance overall. The biggest negative comments seem to be her being “too bad wordy” or, as mentioned earlier, being a “whore” on stage. Oh, and there’s also the whole “we don’t need to see what’s going on in your bedroom on stage” thing.

I can understand the problem with her performance. There were kids watching and it wasn’t the most wholesome performance, but I’m pretty sure they’ve seen worse (like Rihanna and Miley Cyrus). However, calling her out of her name and saying Jay-Z is a bad husband is going too far. These two are grown people who can do whatever they want like Bey said in her own “Grown Woman” song. A married couple in their 30s and 40s have every right to express their bad worduality. I find it very important for Beyonce’ to do this because black women are constantly told not to express our bad worduality. It’s entertainment and she has the right to express herself just like you have the right to state your opinion. Or the right to change the channel/turn off the songs.


Now let’s talk about Beyonce’s personal life.

When I think of the New York Post piece, I say to myself, “People complained Beyonce and Jay-Z weren’t affectionate enough/too private and now it’s an issue for them to make music about their life. I don’t get it!” What do people want from them?

The same question can be asked regarding Bey’s pregnancy. For years, there were rumors that she was pregnant and as and when she finally became pregnant with Blue Ivy in 2011, there were people who thought she was faking the pregnancy. So many people spent time watching her every move and scrutinizing everything. People would say, “Oh her dress folded so she’s wearing a fake belly!” I found it ridiculous because you could totally see in her face that she was pregnant but…ok. Then after Blue was born, there were even more comments. Most of them were about the child’s hair. I know other celebrities go through their personal lives being on display but it seems more people have opinions on the Carter family.


And finally, we come to her music.

Lately, people have said that her newest album talks about bad word too much. Again, she’s a married woman in her 30s so I don’t see what the issue is. There are plenty of other artists who do the same. There was also criticism of her saying “bitches” on “Bow Down” but Beyonce had a reply for them in one of the documentary videos for her album:

“And anyone that says, ‘Oh that is disrespectful,’ just imagine the person that hates you. Imagine a person that doesn’t believe in you. And look in the mirror and say, ‘Bow down, bitch’ and I guarantee you feel gangsta! So listen to the song from that point of view again if you didn’t like it before.”

The criticism of her music even goes back to her Destiny’s Child days. There were people who misunderstood “Bills, Bills, Bills” and thought it was about wanting men to pay all their bills like a gold digger when it was actually about a man running up a woman’s bills and not compensating her.

These are just a few things that stood out to me about Beyonce’s criticism. I didn’t even go into the stans, but whew…that’s a different story. A tiring story. Anyway, as a Beyonce fan, I just find it irritating how people just find things to pick on, you know?

I say enjoy the music and stop finding problems in everything.

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