Koni’s Quips: Career Vs. Family, Can You Really Have It All?

career-v-family-stay-at-home-momAs women, it seems that we are constantly faced with choices. One of the biggest issues in our lives is whether we should focus on our careers or focus on having a family.

But why can’t we do both?

There’s talk of “having it all” but I believe it’s best to define what “having it all” means to you.

Have you seen the 2008 version of The Women? (It’s pretty great and so is the original 1938 film, but I’m getting off track here.) One of the characters named Sylvia Fowler says, “I don’t want it all. I just want a nice piece of it.”

Over the years, I’ve thought about that quote and I feel like it applies to what my version of “having it all” is. My version means not having to choose my job over having a husband and kids or vice versa. I can do both and find a happy medium. And as and when that time comes, I plan to put my time management skills into good use!

Of course I want to be successful in my career, but I don’t really have dreams of being a CEO. I’m sorry if that disappoints anyone, but I have had dreams of being a manager or director of a department if that helps. I also don’t have dreams of being a stay-at-home mom. I could do it for a year or so, but not forever. And I’d HAVE to have some sort of side hustle going on like doing public relations consulting, event planning or even making stuff and selling it on Etsy. Something that’s for me. Since I spent all this time and money getting degrees, I want to get as much use out of them as possible.


The great thing about this topic is that it brings up a lot of examples I’ve seen of women balancing career and family. My mentor, who is also a former boss of mine from MUW, is a great example. She does a wonderful job at work, spends time with her daughters and even sells real estate with her husband! I know her life isn’t perfect, but she always seemed to have things under control better than most people I know.

These days, a lot of women have the option of working from home or even working for themselves. A lot of them have their own business or telecommute so they can be there for their children when necessary. I admire that and, like I said earlier, would be fine doing that after I’ve worked in my field a little longer.

I know there’s only so much I can speak on since I’m not a mother yet. However, as someone who wants to be a mother, constantly babysits and sees other mothers, I can understand how much responsibility motherhood can be. Shoot, dating a guy with kids may give me some extra practice. And I honestly believe I can be successful in my career and be a great mother. I believe any woman can do it.

At the end of the day, the choice is yours even if that choice is not choosing at all.

What are your thoughts?

Do you think you’ll have to choose between your career and having a husband and kids? Or do you think it’s possible to “have it all”?

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