Koni’s Quips: 5 Facts About Me


When I get on Tumblr, I see a lot of posts where people urge others to ask them personal questions as a way to break the ice or learn about each other. I also get messages in my inbox asking me to share five or ten facts. And I can’t forget Jessica’s post where she did 21 facts and well, I’m a bit too lazy for that.

I usually don’t do it because I have trouble deciding what I want to share, but I’m going to share a few things about myself here and I hope you enjoy!

1. I’m a Gemini. We’re not as awful as people make us out to be. I promise. I do know I have two sides. I’m usually very nice so if the other “mean” twin comes out, she was probably provoked. Besides, there are a lot of famous Geminis out there like Prince (who I share a birthday with on June 7), Allen Iverson, Johnny Depp, Patti LaBelle and Nicole Kidman.

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2. I love wigs. Wigs are NOT just for old ladies! When I don’t have the funds or the urge to get a sew-in (and get tired of dealing with my own hair), I put on a wig. I have no issue going to the hair store and spending $30 on one. They’re fun and easy to wear.

3. I love to bake. Last week you saw my Pinterest baking challenge. I enjoy trying new things and improving recipes I already enjoy. My favorite dessert to bake is red velvet cupcakes.

4. My mind is like a pinball machine. I know that sounds crazy, but it bounces from one thing to the next. I can have a tab open and something else will pop up in my head and I’ll search for it. I’ll be watching Grey’s Anatomy and see a familiar actor and then I’ll do a Google search which leads me to a movie or another actor and it goes on from there. It can get pretty exhausting.

5. I am a huge Mad Men fan. I started watching Mad Men on Netflix back in March 2013 and I became hooked! I caught up with the first five seasons in time to watch season six with the other Mad Men fans on my Twitter timeline. I also like to read theories about characters on the show and posts about the use of colors in each episode. I’m not as obsessed as I used to be, but the obsession will probably return with the seventh and final season on Sunday, April 13.

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