Koni’s Quips: 5 Annoying Things I See On Social Media

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We all use social media. It’s part of our everyday lives. A lot of positive things can come out of using it such as new friends and even jobs. However, there are a lot of negative things that come out of social media use. Here are the five most annoying things I see on social media.

I’ve seen this on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr the most. I’ve also been guilty of it, which still embarrasses me as and when I think about it. On Twitter, I see people arguing over little things such as hip hop opinions to bigger things like cheating. Sometimes arguments lead to long-term beefs, which could lead to threats of “issuing a fade” or worse. It’s ridiculous. With Facebook, I see a lot of arguing over men and also threats of fighting. Tumblr gets a little different. A lot of people there argue over race and gender issues, along with trivial things, but it still gets childish with name calling and rude, anonymous comments left in someone’s inbox. Sometimes we have to remember that everyone is not going to agree with our opinions. That’s ok. I also understand that if someone is disrespectful to you, you want to fire back. We have to remember that it’s better to be the bigger person and just block that person. They may keep talking, but the old adage “out of sight, out of mind” can help you get past it. And we all know that most of these people would never say these things to your face. It’s mostly keyboard courage.

Harassing Others
This could fall under beefing and arguing, but it’s a little different. On Twitter, I would see someone ask a question like “What’s one thing you want to change about yourself physically?” A woman would answer, “My weight” and some jerk would hop into the woman’s mentions calling her fat and ugly. That’s completely unnecessary and annoying. I never understood why someone would go out of their way to insult someone like that. I also hate when I’m tweeting a guy and joking around and his girlfriend (or a girl who thinks she’s his girlfriend) comes at me crazy. A friend of mine tweeted something about having a girlfriend and I jokingly told him I was going to block him since he got one. No less than two minutes later, his girlfriend pops up in a cloud of insecure smoke telling me she was his girlfriend and that I should “go worry about my own man.” I wasn’t even worried about hers though. I just laughed at her and blocked her.

So many other things could fall under harassment, but these two instances stood out. Just like with arguing, most people only do these things online. They wouldn’t say these things to your face.

People who are condescending about their relationship status
I love to see happy couples and people who enjoy talking about their significant other. However, when “taken” people start to talk down to single people, I get annoyed. It’s hard to continue to be happy for someone who makes you feel bad for being single or for not being as happy as they appear to be because you don’t disclose most (or all) of your relationship details. I love when ladies post pictures of flowers they got from their boyfriend because it’s sweet. I don’t love when the caption says, “Look what my boo got! Don’t hate cuz you don’t get treated like this!” I love when a guy talks about the sweet things he does for his girlfriend. I don’t love when he retweets a picture of a couple having bad word saying “I just did that three hours ago with babe.” Gag.

I also don’t like when some of those people try to give relationship advice. I don’t think making things official with your boo three days ago makes you qualified to dole out advice, especially if it comes off as condescending. “Maybe if you didn’t _____, he wouldn’t ______” isn’t the best thing to say to your friend who can’t stop crying about her issues with bae. No one’s telling you to not share your joy, but think about how you come off.

Having more memes or images of words than original photos on Instagram
Most of us love taking selfies, sharing something interesting we see or documenting our life through photos and videos. That’s one of my favorite things about Instagram. However, scrolling through my feed gives me a workout when there are several memes or pictures of tweets and Tweegrams back to back. I can understand wanting to share something funny with your followers or posting a screenshot related to your brand, but if that’s all your Instagram account consists of, then people will think you’re boring and unoriginal. I know I will. It’s ok to show your face or your dog or a cool craft you made from Pinterest or even a plate of food. It shows you’re a real person and makes for more interaction.

tagging-pics-300x226Tagging me to pictures that are inappropriate or aren’t actually of me
The tagging feature on Facebook can come in handy if you didn’t get to take pictures at an event, but someone else caught moments. I like when people take (good) photos of me and tag me to them, but in the past, there have been some bad moments. I’ve been tagged in photos of me drinking or not looking my best. One time, I untagged myself and the petty girl who posted the photos tagged me again. Tagging me to pictures that aren’t actually of me is quite an inconvenience when I’m on Facebook. I know people like to promote events and services, but I don’t like being tagged to a photo of it. It takes a few tries to untag myself and remove it from my timeline, which is very annoying.

So these are just a few annoying things I see on social media. Do you have any things that bother you on your favorite social networking sites?

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