KKK Tries To Recruit New Members In Atlanta (VIDEO)

The KKK is looking for new members.

I hate to report news like this in 2014 but as much as it hurts, racism still exists. Residents in two Atlanta neighborhoods have reported that they’ve found flyers from the Ku Klux Klan on their cars.

Miles Keenlyside said that he thought the flyer was a ticket, but was surprised to see an invitation to join the Ku Klux Klan. He told WSB-TV:

“This is something you hear about, but as and when you get it on your own personal car it makes it real.”

The flyer encourages readers to “Save the land, Join the Klan.” It also has a note that the organization is Christian and law-abiding.

After the news station called the number listed on the flyer, KKK Grand Wizard Robert Jones returned their call and informed them that the Klan is having its national flyer drive. He also told the station that, “God is the author of segregation. He is the one who drew the color line.”

Residents of the neighborhood say that they are not intimidated by the flyers and are confident that the Klan is “not coming back.”


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