Kim Kardashian’s Pregnancy Premiere Dress ALMOST IDENTICAL To Amber Rose’s, Who Wore It Better?


I really hate to do this, but you all were thinking it too!

When the news first broke about Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy, I immediately thought  about model and soon to be mom, Amber Rose.

Kanye and Amber were a very high profile couple and it seems like after they went their separate ways, he did a lot of attention-seeking things while Amber seemed to have moved on with her life. Then as and when Kanye and Kim started dating publicly, everyone questioned how genuine their relationship really was (even I did…read here).

After awhile, Amber Rose announced her pregnancy and Kim and Kanye’s relationship began to grow on everyone. You can’t deny how cute they look together, can you? But when Kanye shouted Kim out as his “baby mama” sh*t hit the fan and everyone started putting in their two cents about the news.

While I’m happy for the couple, I did question if the baby was made because they were ready or if it was a power move…and the fact that Kim’s pregnancy premiere dress is almost identical to Amber Rose’s makes me think it’s the latter. It wouldn’t surprise me if the pregnancy is all apart of Kanye’s way of making Amber feel jealous or something (IDK what his motive would really be) but when we’re hurt we tend to do things out of spite not really understanding why we’re doing it in the first place.

Kim says that she will not be publicly sharing her life as a mommy-to-be, but come on now…this is a Kardashian we’re talking about. They sell their lives to the media for a living. It’s already being reported that they are negotiating what magazine will have the first photos of the baby and the price is already up to $300,000.

Take a look at the dresses and you be the judge. For the record, I think Amber wore hers better. Look at her figure!

Who wore their pregnancy premiere dress better?

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