Kim Kardashian Says ‘God Was Teaching Her A Lesson’ During Pregnancy Weight Gain

During a recent interview with Elle UK for their Confidence Issue, Kim Kardashian revealed that while she was pregnant with North, she battled self-confidence issues due to her weight gain.

The 34-year-old celeb told Elle UK:

“I’d think God was doing this for a reason. He was saying: ‘Kim, you think you’re so hot, but look what I can do to you.’ My body just went crazy,” she said. “After five months I swore I’d never get pregnant again. I got so huge and it felt like someone had taken over my body.”

She also revealed that as and when she was growing up, no one looked like her and that caused her to have self-confidence issues. She said that her confidence has been built over the years and it took time for her to be the woman she is today.


I’m going to say this and leave it alone. Elle could’ve chosen any celebrity for their confidence issues but they chose Kim Kardashian – who has have more surgeries than a little bit – to share the importance of confidence and how she became confident. Clearly she used money and surgeons to give her confidence and it’s a false confidence at that because she’s no longer the person she was born as. Maybe I’m hating but I don’t understand why they’d choose her of all people.

What are your thoughts?

Source: VIBE

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