Kanye West Breaks Down During Interview As Kim Kardashian Posts Revealing Selfie

Kanye West revealed his softer side in a BBC 1 interview with Zane Lowe.

During the interview he discusses his deal with Adidas, being a creative, why he creates and how it feels to design for the people and give others power. West breaks down around the 26:24 mark and you can really tell the moment was pure because his energy level and even his voice and tone changed.

Watch the interview below.

I’m here for Kanye…but his wife, not so much. As his interview was making its way around the media, Kim Kardashian had to keep the spotlight on her. She celebrated reaching 27 million followers on Instagram by posting a selfie full of ass cheek (as if we haven’t already seen it a million times). Girl.

Most people do a text post to celebrate a follower milestone, but not Mrs. Kardashian West. Nope, she has to really thank you with a bad wordy photo.


Anyway, back to Kanye’s interview. He shares his apologies for the price points set by Adidas and how everyone should have access to certain clothing and material items. He also discussed wanting another baby and how hard he and Kim have been trying. Baby North just may be getting a younger sibling soon!

Source: NY Daily

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