Kandi Burruss Blasted For Gospel Song, Do Critics Have A Point? (VOTE)


I really prefer to stay out of “religious” discussions, but this particular one I couldn’t resist.

Singer, producer, business owner and reality star Kandi Burruss is being criticized for recording a new gospel song, “Stay Prayed Up,” with pastor and gospel artist Marvin Sapp.

Kandi’s image in the media is a very “sexed up” one and it’s because of what she has put out there. She runs a late night show via UStream discussing hot topics, bad word and relationships, she owns a bad word-toy company (Bedroom Kandi) and some of her music is even bad wordual.

Her latest musical venture is drawing a strong response from those who feel she isn’t “righteous” or “Christian” enough to sing gospel. Check out some reactions to her new gospel track below:

msaeli @kandiburruss great song, but I’m just curious, why do you make a song about staying prayed up while you wallow in sin? You’re living unmarried with your boyfriend (man)? You sell naughty Bedroom Kandi. Maybe that’s why you need to stay prayed up? Before everyone beats me up with their words, I want you to know I love you and your music, but this song is contradictory to your current lifestyle. Not sure if you’re Christian, but if so, be an example to your daughter Only! Make sure she knows her worth and understand her value, so easy she’ll receive what God has for her. If you don’t mind, some reading for you (Bible: Romans 6, 1Corinthians 7, Thessalonians 4:25 to end) God bless

princess_of_va Stop shacking up w/ Todd

candina2ral There’s nothing wrong with making a profit its how you advertise it…. It’s nothing wrong with praising God is your relationship with Him. Yes we are human and have wants and needs but if you display yourself as this ultra-sexual woman for years then that’s what youre [sic] labeled as ((REMEMBER)) image is everything

Some, however, support this new direction Kandi is going in.

caramelnikki @msaeli I’m a fan of kandi but not a huge fan but I want to ask u a question ? Just bc she says she prayed up tht mean she suppose to be perfect? We all sin the only diff. With it is tht she is a celebrity.. I pray and go to church all the time and I sin so does tht mean I’m not worthy for prayer? Just bc someone sin different than u does tht make u a better person? I dnt judge anyone by how they live there life I’m just trying live mine… Does tht make me a bad person? I’m just curious??

mrsjj09 @msaeli John 8:7 Let he who is without Sin, cast the 1st Stone at her. @kandiburruss Stay Blessed!!

I consider myself to be a Christian and I also consider myself to be FAR MORE spiritual than religious, meaning that my relationship with Christ, my study of the Bible and the way I treat other people outweigh my view on the importance of certain (not all) traditional practices. I’m not one of those people who are caught up in women not wearing pants, I don’t feel like there is a certain way you have to praise and worship and if you don’t do it that way, it doesn’t count, etc.

My first problem with this argument is that some of those who left comments on Kandi’s page threw biblical references to her as if they were trying to prove that she’s wrong and they’re right. I cannot stand that! This approach keeps many people who want to hear the Word of God from really being able to hear it because there is always so much judgment – which by the way is not our job.

I think it’s a little weird that Kandi would try her hand at becoming a gospel artist and I think she’s doing it more for the money but on the other hand, many people do make the switch while still being involved in other projects like American Idol’s Ruben Studdard, Kelly Price and so on.

What is your opinion of Kandi’s switch? Take our poll below!

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