June 2015 Blogging Goals

Setting goals and accomplishing them is synonymous with success. Since becoming a member of Blogger Babes, I began setting goals each month to help my blog grow and become better. I don’t always meet every goal that I set but it all helps me in figuring out what changes need to be made.

I realize that many people keep up with me because I blog and not necessarily because of the blog itself, it that makes sense, and they like to know how I do what I do. About 95% of what I do as a blogger involves planning and strategizing. So I want to share my goals for June and keep you updated on my progress.

It’s important to remember that every goal must have a completion strategy attached to it. I won’t share my strategies but I will share what I’m aiming for this month.

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My blog’s performance is everything as and when it comes to turning views into dollars. I love blogging as a hobby but the time I spend on it has to be justified through income. Time is money, people!

Decrease bounce rate by 25% – For those of you who aren’t bloggers, a bounce rate is basically the number of visits to your website that are single page visits. This happens when a reader comes to my website and leaves without clicking around to view additional articles and pages. My blog’s May 2015 bounce rate was 15.44% which is entirely too high.

Increase unique visitors/users by 25% – Unique visitors (or “users” as Google now calls them) is this number of people who read or interact with my website on any given day or for any given time frame. In May, my blog had 12,955 users.

100,000 page views – Last year around this time my blog took a huge hit in terms of page views. I wasn’t posting regularly and when I did post, I didn’t have a passion for the stories and topics I was writing about. Not only that, I was working full time at my old job and I just couldn’t keep up. Prior to those changes, my blog garnered 100,000-200,000 views a month. I want to get back to those numbers. In May, my blog had 51,193 page views. I’m okay with the numbers being low because I’m in a rebuilding phase and it’s normal to have fluctuations in traffic.


Social media is a must for bloggers. It’s how we “meet” our readers and share our work. Social media is also a way for us to make more of an impact in the industry and attract opportunities to advance our careers.

Increase Facebook engagement by 25% – Facebook is my blog’s main referral source so my efforts are always to build my Facebook following and engagement. Engagement refers to how my fans interact and how often they interact with my page – it can be in the form of shares, comments or likes (shares are my favorite FYI).

50 new Facebook likes / 25 new Pinterest followers / 50 new YouTube subscribers / 50 new Instagram followers – I always want to build my following on social media. This doesn’t do much for my web statistics but it does help expand my reach, which in the long run will translate into better web stats. Pinterest is the lowest because I haven’t mastered it yet and I’m still working to figure out how to make it work to my advantage.


I won’t share all of my goals in this area but I’ll share a few that I think are important but not too revealing.

Have a photoshoot – All of my professional photos are outdated by at least two years or more. I’ve lost weight, changed my hair color and even the shape of my brows in some cases LOL. It’s important to have updated photos and I’d love to have some taken in different settings and outfits to fit all of the projects I plan on doing.

Start media lists – I’m so ashamed that I don’t currently do this! As a PR professional, I know better but we always build the brands of our clients and put our own brands on the back burner. I want to build relationships with other bloggers and publicists and I’m going to work on that a lot more in June.

Launch online store – I’ve wanted to launch an online shop on this website for a very long time. I have some ideas of things I think my readers will like enough to purchase and I want to make sure I’m maximizing the potential of my space on the Internet.

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I will make sure to update you mid-month on my progress! What do you think of my goals? Are they reasonable? If you have a blog, what are your goals for June?

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