July 2015 Blogging Goals + June 2015 Results

Wow, this year is flying by! We’re already more than halfway through and now is a great time to perform a six-month review of your blog to look for any clues that may be helpful in the coming months so that you can finish the year off strong.

I wanted to share the results of my June 2015 blogging goals and what I’m hoping to accomplish in July.

I’ll be honest with you…my blog sucked in June. Not only did I have life transitions, I was also testing some new ideas for my blog. Most of my time was spent developing, not writing, and I broke the number one rule – not being consistent. I know better and I wish I had better results to report, but I don’t.

All of my social media accounts had an increase in following but my Instagram account was the only one to actually hit my exact goal. Instagram has been interesting lately. My photos don’t get as many likes as they once did and I’m wondering if it’s because I post less. I generally post the same kinds of photos but I haven’t posted daily like I did once before.

I was able to have my photo shoot as well as start my media lists but that’s it. I didn’t meet any of the other goals.

In July I want to aim for some of the goals that I did not meet in June, including:

  • 100,000 pageviews
  • 23 published blog posts (my posting schedule is now Monday-Friday)
  • 4 published YouTube videos
  • Increase unique visits

I also want to shoot for some new goals, including:

  • Develop products for my online store
  • Guest blog twice
  • Host a guest blogger

Hopefully with most of my transitioning complete and this new direction paying off for my brand in the long run, I can focus on writing my posts in advance. I’m aiming to master time management this month so any advice you have is greatly appreciated!

Your turn to talk…

What are you hoping to accomplish with your blog this month?

Share any advice you have for mastering time management in the comments section pretty please :)

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