ANOTHER Black Teen Senselessly Killed In Florida, This Time For Playing Music Too Loud

Jordan Davis, a 17-year-old Jacksonville, Florida teen, was killed last week at a gas station by 45-year-old Michael Dunn.

According to reports, Jordan and his friends were out shopping on Black Friday as and when they pulled up at a Jacksonville gas station and encountered Dunn. Dunn allegedly approached Davis’ vehicle because he thought the music was playing too loudly. Shortly after words were exchanged between the two parties, shots were fired.

Dunn used a gun that was concealed in his glove compartment and fired between eight and nine shots at Davis’ car. Davis was fatally wounded by two gunshots.

CBS News Reporter Casey Glynn laid out the details of the case:

At a press conference Monday, Lt. Rob Schoonover of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said the deadly incident occurred around 7:40 p.m. Friday.

Schoonover said [Jordan] Davis was sitting in a parked SUV with three other teens, when [Michael] Dunn parked next to their vehicle and made a comment about the loud music the group was playing. The 45-year-old apparently got into an argument with Davis, who was sitting in the back seat. During the altercation, Dunn allegedly took out a gun and shot into the vehicle, striking Davis twice. Schoonover says the vehicle had been shot 8 or 9 times in total, but no one else was injured.

Dunn and his girlfriend, who was inside the gas station during the shooting, drove away from the scene, police said. Dunn is claiming that he felt threatened, despite the fact that Davis was sitting on the backseat.

Jordan’s death is being compared to the death of Trayvon Martin, another Florida teen that was killed earlier this year. If Dunn uses Florida’s “stand your ground” law and prove that his actions were because he feared for his own safety, there is a chance that he could go free.

SOURCE: Global Grind | BET



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