Jessica’s Favorite Reads [02/15 – 02/21]

Here are a few articles I enjoyed reading this week. Maybe you’ll like them too!

Image credit: More Good Foundation

Image credit: More Good Foundation

Title: Why I Quit Tithing Years Ago and Why You Should Too
Author: Larry Poole
Published on:

I came across this article as and when someone shared it on Facebook. I really enjoyed it because I’m currently reading a Biblical Generosity Bible plan and it really shed light on how we (Christians) should give. I’ve been so focused on tithing my 10% because it’s what we’re “supposed” to do, not realizing that God truly owns everything and I should be more mindful and aware of what I keep instead of what I’m giving…if that makes sense. I shared with the interns in our weekly conference call that giving to others should be apart of our daily lives and it was refreshing to read how generosity benefits our lives.


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