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Jenn & Ev Friends Again, Have You Ever Made Up With An Old Friend?

Although I hardly watched this past season of BBW, I do recall the feud between Jenn and Evelyn. Sometimes with a friend things can get tricky and a simple misunderstanding can turn into a huge blowout. Whether or not this “reconciliation” was real or not is another conversation. Part of me just doesn’t believe it. Jennifer didn’t look like she wanted to hug it out to me.

I can’t recall ever having to recover from a blowout this big in my own friendships over the years. If you know me, you know that I am in no way at all a person who holds grudges.

I love that about myself but it’s annoying at times too because people mistake it for weakness or a desire to be “cool” or whatever. Most of my friendships that no longer exist fall in one of four categories:

1 – We were never friends to begin with.

2 – We went different directions in life.

3 – There has not been a reason or desire to have them back in my life.

4 – I haven’t reconciled because I’m not sure if it’ll be worth it – even though I miss them at times or reflect on memories we’ve had.

If the situation that happened between Jenn and Ev happened to me…I would not be interested in being friends again. Yeah, I would miss that friend and the moments we shared, but I wouldn’t want to go down that road again with them. The unnecessary name calling, evil stares, Twitter beefs and all the other extra behavior would have turned me completely off.

You can forgive and move on without being BFFs again. Not wanting to forgive and turning your nose up every time you saw each other would be considered holding a grudge, which is totally different.

Have you ever reconciled with an old friend as and when the friendship ended in drama? What was it like?

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