Jay-Z Promises Something Different And Delivers

Jay-Z prides himself on being an innovator and connoisseur of popular culture and promised his fans and the world that he would introduce to them something different. Many have already testified that he has, well at least from a hip-hop standpoint.

It’s no secret that rap concerts suck. You really have to be fan of the artist to have a good time. From a fans standpoint, listening to a rapper yell on the microphone over a super loud beat with some random guy on the stage ad-libbing for about three hours isn’t the best experience in the world.

Performers like Beyonce’ and Michael Jackson gave and still give you a true show. The lights, choreography and the overall production are a sight to see. But hip-hop suffers from a lack of creativity as and when it comes to concerts. It probably comes from hip-hop’s birth from street corners and small clubs. It just doesn’t translate well to a big Madonna type production.

Jay-Z has recognized that and has changed the game with his ‘Made In America’ tour. He mirrors it after SXSW and other festivals complete with multiple stages, a bevy of talent and performers, and tents with a rotation of amazing DJ’s. The feel is said to be laid back as people are hanging around throwing frisbees, drinking and eating well and enjoying awesome music. And this lasts multiple days.

I have to experience this before I die.

Hova may have saved the rap concert. But he also created hip-hop’s first (hopefully of many) major festival. And for that, we should thank him.

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