January Is Health Month on JessicaSimien.com

We’re on a mission to start the year off right!

We’ve dedicated the month of January as our official Health Month here at JessicaSimien.com. We want to promote healthy minds, bodies and souls. Throughout January, you’ll be able to find tips, resources and inspiration to help you become healthier. Hopefully the knowledge that we share will have a long lasting impact on your life.

Our 1st Annual Health Month has two cool features, weight loss success stories and our first ever Get Fit! Challenge.

Weight Loss Success Stories: All month long we’ll be sharing weight loss success stories from our readers to celebrate them as well as inspire others who are on a weight loss journey. If you have a story to share, submit it here.

2014 Get Fit! Challenge: Our first ever Get Fit! Challenge is open to residents of Jackson, Atlanta and New York. You can sign up for the challenge and join us as we get fit!



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