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Jamilah Vaughn and Lavishly Luxe Hair :: More Than A Company, It’s A Lifestyle

I got an opportunity to talk with the founder of Lavishly Luxe Hair, Jamilah Vaughn. Lavishly Luxe is one of’s sponsors and it was a pleasure to learn how the company got started and a little more about Jamilah. Check out our interview below.

JS: So first, can you tell me a little bit about your background…where your home town is, your major, all that good stuff.

JV: Well, I’m originally from Marks, Mississippi. It’s a small Delta town, you’ve probably never heard of it but we are located in Mississippi. I’m 22 and I attended Jackson State University, I just graduated this year with a bachelor’s degree in mass communication and marketing.

JS: What inspired you to go into the hair industry, since mass communication and PR is your background?  What made you totally branch off and do something different?

JV: I’ve always wanted to own my own business and right now, PR…it isn’t really going where I want it to go and I wanted to have something I could fall back on. It all started with an idea. I wear weave, although I am natural, I wore weave throughout my whole transitioning period and I found that I was spending like $200-300 every two months to get my hair done. I began looking for ways to save money on getting my hair done and I was introduced to virgin hair. Basically, I started my company so that other ladies could have a nice look for less.

JS: OK, so what about the name? Where did it come from?

JV: I started writing different things down on my notebook, just putting names together to see if they’d fit. I wanted something lavish. I wanted my company to be based off luxury. I want the customers to have a lavish experience – to feel pampered, to feel luxurious.

JS: I know you offer actual hair extensions, but do you plan to go full-fledge into the hair industry and maybe do products one day? What’s your vision for your company?

JV: Yes, once the company grows a little with the hair extensions, I do want to branch off and do other things like hair products, hair accessories and things of that nature. I’m constantly thinking of new things to add on to the company besides it just being a hair extension company.

JS: How do you feel Mississippi factors into your success? Do you feel like you can be successful here, or do you have plans to relocate?

JV: Honestly, Mississippi is home. Even if I were to leave, I would never not represent where I’m from. As far as it goes with my hair company, I’m glad that I’ve been able to start it while I’m in Mississippi. I do want to eventually branch out to different locations. I don’t think you have to leave to “make it” in any field though. I feel like you have to just create that buzz for yourself and you can bring along your city or state however big or small it is.

JS: So to wrap up, if someone is interested in purchasing hair or learning more about Lavishly Luxe, how can they get in contact with you?

JV: Besides our website,, you can always email us at with any questions or to place an order. You can follow us on Twitter @lavishlyluxhair, you can find us on Facebook and Instagram by searching for Lavishly Luxe Hair.

Make sure that you check out their website and place your orders today. Lavishly Luxe Hair is approved!


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