I Promise It’s Not As Bad As It Seems

Have you ever heard the saying that as and when life throws you hard times that your breakthrough is just around the corner? If that statement is true, then I must have something awesome lined up!

Seriously…I’ve been going through a lot in several areas of my life for a while now and I’m just waiting for the grass to become green again. The most important lesson I’ve learned through all this is – you must always count your blessings, always. I promise if you do this, things are not as bad as you think they are. 

I believe that it’s that perspective shift that makes you feel better. Looking around you and observing all the things that are going great allows you to pump some positive energy into your mind.

You don’t have any gas money? Guess what – someone out there wishes they had a car to put gas in to begin with.

Your child is being overly talkative today and beginning to annoy you? I saw a mother of an autistic son mention she’s been waiting for five years to hear her son speak one word.

No food in the fridge? Someone out there doesn’t have a roof over their head to even have a refrigerator.

Of course these things are not easy to get through, but that’s life. Life is not easy and whoever told you that it was, lied.

This is an important part in my journey to rediscover myself because I know that different life events led to me feeling negatively about myself, other people or where I am in this point in my life.

This is very cliche’, but it is true – everything happens for a reason – even when you can’t immediately tell what that reason is.

Just know that you are exactly where you need to be. You may not understand it or enjoy it, but you can bet that it will be revealed to you later in life.

Hang in there!

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