It Won’t Stop


I tend to get really poetic as and when I talk about love and all the other mushy stuff that comes along with it, but I can’t help it! I’m a lover…I’m emotional…I can be somewhat of a drama queen LOL!

I wanna blame it on the seasons changing (this is my favorite time of the year by the way) but the cold weather isn’t what has me ALL THE WAY in my feelings…it’s a special someone.

Just like any two people who aren’t 100% certain of what they want and when or how they want it, we have our days that cause us to pull away but then something clicks and we’re right back where we started. I realized that I have to follow my heart and it keeps leading me back to him and I’m not going to fight it anymore.

I’m a young, 20-something woman who enjoys being single, dating and learning more about the type of man I want and what type of man would be the perfect match for me. I have several suitors and some of them I like and some, not so much. But honestly, none of them really measure up to him. He is by no means perfect, but he’s perfect for me (no J. Cole).

Every conversation we have, every time I’m with him…hearing his voice, taking in his smile, laughing at his jokes and seeing him interact with his family and mine makes me fall in love with him over and over again….and it won’t stop.

Only God knows what the future holds for us and whether or not we actually have one together period, but I’m enjoying every moment that we share right now and that’s good enough for me!


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