Is He Right Or Nah? Chris Brown Causes Social Media Stir After Ebola Comments

Chris Brown is a magnet for controversy.

The singer caused a social media stir yesterday after he tweeted his thoughts on the recent Ebola spread in the United States.


After posting his tweet, Chris immediately received criticism about his conspiracy theory. Twitter users responded:

“You know what the discussion of the Ebola epidemic needed? More stupid. Here comes Chris Brown”

“Famous douche bag and part time dancer Chris Brown has tweeted out that he thinks Ebola is a form of “population control”. I love America. ”

“Please, Chris Brown, elaborate how Ebola is a form of pop. control & join the legions of idiots who believe the CIA invented crack cocaine”

But not everyone disagreed with Chris, some actually thought he may be on to something.

“Once again my brother @chrisbrown is being lambasted for speaking the truth on #Ebola”

“@chrisbrown they don’t think we’re aware of what they’re doing..but they don’t know what we’re capable of either..”


Chris ultimately decided to keep his opinions to himself on the virus spread, but we’re still trying to wrap our head around it period.

Do you think there was some truth to Breezy’s statement?

Source: Madame Noire

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