Is Believing in Astrology Bad? I’m Monitoring My Dreams As Advised By My Horoscope

I was once told back in high school that reading your horoscope and believing in astrology was a sin. I’m a very inquisitive person so really I enjoy searching for signs and meanings. I get a kick out of it and it satisfies my curiosities most of the time.

With that said, I have had so much going on in my life – I’m sure you could tell by some of the posts toward the end of June. I decided to look up my horoscope for the year, week and day in love, career, finance and just my overall horoscope to see if there was some particular reason for my whirlwind of emotions and situations.

I’m a true Scorpio. From our loyal, observant and passionate nature to our obsessive, jealous and secretive extremes – I definitely fit the bill. I’m a leader, extremely determined and I have to be in a powerful position. Anyway, my love horoscope advised me to pay attention to my dreams on the 18th and 19th because they can be very “revelatory” to what is currently going on in my love life.

So here I go again with the weird dreams. It’s funny because I’d been anticipating these two dreams and after about a week of not being able to remember any, I just so happened to remember everything about my dream last night. It involved a forest, me searching for my dog who I was afraid would get lost while in the forest and a guy (his face was not familiar) running to hide from someone who was trying to find both of us.

The irony.

According to Dream Dictionary, the forest in my dream symbolizes uncertainty and bewilderment in my life. Because I was misplaced in this forest and confused about where I should hide with my accomplice from the dream, it signifies that I’m confused and don’t know what direction to take with my love life.

Eh, kinda true. Moving on…

What freaked me out the most was the fact that me and my accomplice were running and trying to hide from someone shows that we’re trying to escape a situation, but trying to hide ourselves from someone as a protective mechanism. The strange thing is though, I ended up climbing in the tree and I could hear my accomplice, but he wasn’t in the tree with me…and that’s as and when I noticed my dog was in the dream running around playing. Weird!

As a Christian, I would never put astrology above God. I have enough sense to know that no one can predict the future. However, it does amaze me at how accurately the Zodiac symbols describe individuals and how our dreams and horoscopes really do align with what is going on in our lives sometimes, so I read it every now and then just for kicks.

As far as my dreams, I do think they’re more than just movies to entertain us as we sleep and they provide insight into how we should make decisions, who the people around us really are and so on.


Do you interpret your dreams? Do you believe in Astrology or read your horoscope?

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