[INTERVIEW] Mississippi Teens Compete For Prom Scholarship, Make Outfits Out Of Duct Tape

stuck at prom

Kechantra Ward and Jeffrey Patton need your help!

The two Senatobia High School teens made their prom outfits out of duct tape for the Stuck At Prom challenge, sponsored by Duck Brand duct tape. They have a chance at winning a $5,000 scholarship each and $5,000 for their Senatobia, Mississippi high school.

I got an opportunity to speak with Ward about her experience.

JESSICASIMIEN.COM: What made you and Jeffrey want to enter the competition?
Kechantra Ward: For my junior prom I made my dress and my date’s tie and vest out of normal fabric. I’m big on scholarships, so one day I was searching for some and came across the “Stuck at Prom” scholarship contest and thought it would be great because I love to make things and I love challenges. When I picked Jeffery to be my date, I needed someone reliable that would pull it off and I knew he would.

JESSICASIMIEN.COM: How did you decide what type of dress you wanted to make?
KW: Deciding on my dress was the toughest thing ever. I couldn’t decide on whether to do a short or long dress so I made it short with a detachable skirt. I knew I wanted something unique and different. When I was little, I collected antique keys and that was the inspiration for the designs on the dress, vest, and shoes.

JESSICASIMIEN.COM: What was the most challenging part of designing your dress?
KW: It wasn’t really challenging designing it. The most challenging part was making it and cutting out all the designs and curling the bottom of my skirt. We had no idea how difficult it was to work with duct tape.

JESSICASIMIEN.COM: Did you guys have any help?
KW: NO! We had no help what so ever. This question is actually funny because my mother is a seamstress and she taught me everything I know about fashion. She made me remake my dress three times because it wasn’t perfected enough to be worn. My final dress was the third dress I made. It was basically a trial and error project.

Ward will be attending Kent State University in the fall, majoring in Fashion Design.

They made the Top 10 in the challenge and you can vote for the teens once per day with a valid email address up until July 8. To vote, click here.


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