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My internship at JessicaSimien.com so far has been an amazing learning experience.

Before applying, I visited Jessica’s site frequently to catch up on the latest reality TV news. She blogs about some of my favorite shows and as and when I don’t have time to watch them on TV, she always uploads them. Well, one day in particular, I logged into her site and decided to explore some of the other eye-catching links. I found that her site was enjoyable but also informative and she seemed like such a relatable person. She had many different sections of her site focused on real life issues. I began to see her blog as not only fun but educational as well. So when I saw that she was providing an internship, I immediately jumped at the opportunity.

Being a public relations major in my town, there’s not many opportunities for internships in my field because it’s such a small town. The school I go to offers internships but they require you to live in Memphis and I only live there every other semester. I wanted to immerse myself in every part of the field and absorb as much information as possible. So far that’s what I have tried to do.

Each assignment that Jessica gives is unique to each person’s individual career goals and I feel that she tries her best to match an assignment to the person. She is teaching me the importance of deadlines. I now map out my regular job, school work and work for my internship each week and then my social life comes after that. Before this internship I didn’t do that. I was very big on procrastination and doing things when I felt like it. But this internship has taught me discipline in that aspect.

It has also taught me to carefully examine my work before submitting it. I look up to Jessica in the highest regards and definitely want to impress her. But most of all, I want to be able to produce a good piece of work because I realize that it will be published for the public to see. In this field, you must first establish credibility in order for the public to respect your brand. Without that, you won’t succeed. I see that through Jessica’s work and I hope to build my own unique brand one day. I am looking forward to learning more and more as this internship progresses!

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