Intern Files :: One Intern Says She Thought Jessica Was A “Diva”

Lillian Lewis - Headshot

I first learned about the JessicaSimien.com internship program via Instagram. I was following former JessicaSimien.com intern turned Business Manager, Arial Hoover (@hoovabad), and saw that there was a graphic design section. Though I had never visited the site before, I had seen her name as well as the site name on Twitter several times. Since I have been experimenting with Photoshop and graphic design for about 5 years now, I figured I would give it a try.

When I learned that I was accepted, I was beyond excited. I couldn’t wait to show off my skills.

I must admit in the beginning, I honestly expected Jessica to be a diva, but she’s truly one of the most genuinely humble and hardworking women I know. She’s really challenged me to step outside my comfort zone as a designer as well as a person. I’ve learned the stop limiting myself to just one aspect of designing and thinking. She has also taught me to appreciate and be well ahead of deadlines and to review my work multiple times before submission. This is my second intern experience with Jessica and I hope to continue on with the site for future opportunities. Jessica has become more than a “boss” per say, but a mentor and a friend. She always makes herself readily available to answer questions and make us feel comfortable about what we’re doing. I’m having an amazing time interning and this is truly an experience I will never forget.

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