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Jessica and Kayla at the Ladies Lounge

I recently decided to reapply for an internship position with JessicaSimien.com. As predicted, this granted position is one with no regrets! I love my weekly assignments and daily group messages. The JS team members are so motivational and helpful.

Being a JS intern is very fun but unpredictable. I never know what my next assignment will consist of. Yes, this sometimes makes me anxious but in a good way, LOL. I enjoy every challenge because they allow me the chance to be creative. I truly feel that I’m at my “thirst for knowledge” stage and I can learn a lot from this program.

So far I’ve experienced all positive progress. I recently helped create a social media campaign for the last JessicaSimien.com event. I’m also getting the chance to explore advertisement and event planning. I can honestly say already, that this program has educated me more about public relations than I ever imagined. I feel that if I have any questions or concerns, I can always ask Jessica and be answered promptly. I’m also learning that internships are not just about producing perfect work. I’ve had times as and when my ideas seem so perfect in my mind but not easily conveyed in person or on paper. The internship is about being further educated and learning. Now I really understand that mistakes are normal and I can only better myself from them.

This opportunity is giving me the chance to learn and become great at what I love. I’m beyond satisfied with the program so far. I truly enjoy being a JessicaSimien.com intern. I can only expect bigger and better experiences in the future.

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