I’m Officially DONE With VH1, ANOTHER Show About Exes To Premiere June 27

Can I get a reality show? It seems like all I have to do is date a famous man for a while, live in his shadows and then hit VH1 up for my contract and taping schedule.

This show is supposed to be different from Basketball Ex-Wives and will focus on how these women have moved on with their lives without the money and fame of their former husbands. Sound interesting to you? Maybe…

They managed to snag the ex-wives of some of Hollywood’s most talked about men. Three of them actually kind of make me want to give the show a chance: Nicole Murphy (ex-wife of my FAV comedian Eddie Murphy – 13 years), Sheree Fletcher (ex-wife of Will Smith – 3 years) and Andrea Kelly (ex-wife of R. Kelly – 12 years…I didn’t even know he was married, and definitely not that long).

I guess I’ll have to read the blogs for episode reviews because I just can’t waste any more of my life watching women on TV who earned their spot on a show because of their bad wordual connection to a man. What message does this send to impressionable girls and women who are tuned in? If you want to be on TV, open your own shoe store or start a clothing line – you should try and date an athlete first. If it doesn’t work out, call us.

And some people wonder why so many women are prowling for athletes, execs and public figures. It ain’t just because of their good looks, I can tell you that much.

I’ll pass on this show and VH1 period until they put women who have truly earned their spot on the screen. Give me a show about a woman who has put in (actual) work and hours to obtain her own. I’m not saying you can’t do that or those women haven’t done that, but for once can we see it happen without a man or a relationship being attached?

Will you be tuning in?

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