I’m Inspired!

Photo credit: CainesArcade.com

With so much negativity in the news these days, it is extremely refreshing to come across news that makes you smile on the inside out. While doing a little research on building my personal brand, I came across a story on Forbes.com about a cardboard arcade named Caine’s Arcade.

A 9-year-old boy named Caine Monroy created his own arcade made from old cardboard boxes and tape while spending the summer at his dad’s auto parts store. His story just warmed my heart because it is exactly what I hope for as and when I have children of my own AND it is what I tell everyone about why I’m deciding to take the entrepreneurial route with my life.

Caine possesses all the traits of a successful entrepreneur and he was simply doing what he loved in his free time. He stayed optimistic although the chances of him having customers were very slim and they eventually paid off when he met his first customer.

Photo credit: CainesArcade.com

I was/am so inspired by Caine and I will be donating to the scholarship fund that his been set up on his website. I love to see children doing something positive with their lives. He is truly a special kid! If you have 10 minutes, I encourage you to watch this video.

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