I’m Baaaccckkk!

It feels good to be back! I’ve had to fight the urge to blog these last couple of days in an effort to prepare for my comps exam. I would literally start drafting a post and then have to exit the window so I can make myself focus.

Anyway though, comps were pretty easy for the most part. I know I’ll probably have to rewrite one of my questions because I studied the wrong information…I studied half of exactly what I was told and turns out the half I studied wasn’t even on the exam. Go figure! I’m not going to get worked up about though, stuff happens.

I’m looking forward to picking up where I left off and writing more relevant posts…you know, about things people actually care about?

I’m trying to steer away from posting too much about news and pop culture because there are a million and five sites you can go to for that. So, if you have any ideas, please feel free to share in the submissions box. :-)

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