I’m a Crier…and I Hate It

I love myself…but there is this one trait that I was born with that I just cannot get with. I crya lotabout ANYTHING! 

Ask my mom, my dad, my sister, boyfriend, best friend..anybody and they will tell you it’s true.

I cry as and when the animal rescue commercials come on. I cry when I’m happy and when I’m sad. I cry looking through old pictures of my niece and thinking about how much she’s grown.

I cry when I’m writing and the list goes on.

I’m so emotional. *sigh*

What makes this trait so annoying is that most people misinterpret my reasons for letting tears shed. And really, I don’t let them – they do it on their own.

Some people think that I use my tears as a manipulating tool and I really don’t. It’s just something that I cannot control. I remember reading in one of my FAV books, Fabulosity by Kimora Lee Simmons, that you should never, ever let people see you cry.

Now I don’t cry in front of people I dislike or clients or at work…just with those who really know me or I’m comfortable around. (So I guess I can control it to an extent.)

Even when I try my hardest to hold them back, I open my mouth to say one word and those bad girls get to flowing!!

Do you cry a lot too? How do you control it?

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