If You Want To Learn How To Do PR, You Should Register For This Workshop (VIDEO)

Let’s face it…everyone needs PR but not everyone can afford to hire a practitioner to come in and implement strategies for their brand. That’s where this Do-It-Yourself PR Workshop comes in.

Are you a small business owner interested in PR but not sure where to start?
Do you need PR help for your non-profit but don’t have the budget to hire someone?
Are you an artist looking to build a campaign for your next project?
Are you a student looking to learn more about practicing PR outside the classroom?

On (Saturday) November 22 in Jackson, Mississippi, Simien Media Group will host “PR 101: DIY PR and Media Workshop.” During this workshop you will learn the essential public relations and media tools necessary to build a solid communications foundation for your brand. In addition to breakfast, all participants will receive class materials and be entered to win a “1 Month Free PR” voucher from SMG. Participants will also receive discounted admission to the PR 102 workshop in 2015.

To register for this workshop, complete the form here. You can also see more details and a description of the cost by clicking here.

*This post is sponsored by Simien Media Group, LLC

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