If They Tell You, You Better Listen!

Couple's Therapy on vH1

Last night I got an opportunity to catch an episode of Couples Therapy, vH1’s newest reality TV show that helps celebrity couples work out the kinks in their relationships.

I think we all can agree that most people are watching this show to see how things unfold between DMX and his wife, Tashera. This post was inspired by DMX’s candid confessions about why their relationship has not worked. He cannot seem to shake the desire to sleep with other women and quite frankly, doesn’t want to shake it.

I thought it was interesting that as and when put on the spot, DMX told the therapist and Tashera that he has not changed. He has always slept around and Tashera knew that from the beginning because he made her aware of it.

A lot of viewers thought DMX was being the bad guy, but honestly…how much of it is Tashera’s fault? If a guy tells you that he loves women and enjoys sleeping around and he doesn’t see himself changing….why would you try and pursue a monogamous relationship with him? Something should set off a red flag in your head that he might not be the one you’re looking for.

In Tashera’s defense, they are childhood sweethearts and at some point he agreed to be in a committed relationship – they’re married – and I’m almost certain her mind told her that he would change as he grew older.

I personally feel like if someone straight up tells you who they are, you should listen to them. Now catching someone in something that you thought they’d never do is different, but when they flat out say “I’m a womanizer” then run! Staying with that person under the notion that they will be faithful would be a little crazy.

For the sake of their children, I hope they can make amends and at least open the doors of communication. I’ll be watching the series to see how they progress.

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