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The Jessica Diaries: I Needed That

the-jessica-diaries-first-dateHave you ever seen the movie Yes Man starring Jim Carrey? If you haven’t, it’s about a man who says no to everything – to people at work, having fun with his friends and romance. Then one night after attending a self-help seminar, he challenges himself to say yes to everything for a certain time frame.

Although I wasn’t as bad as Carrey’s character, I’ve had a laser focus for the past year or so. I’ve been working really hard to continuously grow my business and outside of maybe one or two people I haven’t been very interested in finding love. Mostly because I thought I already had it and it would work itself out, but also because I hate the idea of going through the motions of getting to know someone only to eventually be turned off (weeks or months later) by something that comes along with them. I’m also very particular about the man I want to date and because I’m not desperate, I don’t just hop on every opportunity that is presented to me.

Well, I changed.

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