I Hosted My First Event Of The Year!

Playing on the pole at the "Ladies Lounge"

Playing on the pole at the “Ladies Lounge”

I’m still on a high from my amazing weekend. I was able to complete #97 on my 100 In A Year list by hosting an event in Jackson this past Friday.

The “Ladies Lounge” with Jessica Simien was held at Sway Dance and Fitness and we had a ball! Over 50 women showed up – some good friends of mine and others I’d never met before – and celebrated being confident, the positive fellowship of women and channeled their inner bad wordy through pole dancing.

I’m going to be honest, I wasn’t sure how things would turn out. 


Ticket sales were extremely slow and because it was the first event I’d ever coordinated on my own, I was nervous about going over budget and not being able to deliver on the experience I’d sold through my promotion of the event.

I made a personal vow in December that I would put God in everything that I do. Not just put Him in it, but put Him first. So in keeping that promise to myself, I prayed the entire week of the event just asking God to bless it and make it successful. I prayed alone on my way to the studio and then I asked that everyone involved – my team, the Sway team – come together to pray before everything kicked off.

God does answer prayers!


Not only were all my expenses covered, I made a profit and everyone had a great time. This event truly opened my eyes to my own potential as well as the potential of my team. I was given the reassurance I needed to keep making decisions (power moves) that will put me where I need to be to take my career as a media professional to the next level.

To see additional photos from the event, visit JessicaSimien.com on Facebook.



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