I Feel Like A Woman


Man…I feel like a woman *Shania Twain voice*

Seriously, I do! I know you’re probably thinking that I should feel like a woman all the time but in reality I don’t. Not that I feel like a man, but sometimes with the hustle and bustle of life you can really lose yourself.

I have a bad habit for being late for things so I’m pretty much rushing every where I go, I don’t get enough sleep, I don’t have a lot of time to hang out with friends, I don’t go on very many dates, I don’t go on shopping trips and I just recently started back going to the nail salon as a treat to myself every other week. In my downtime I just want to sleep…or cuddle…or both, LOL.

Getting glamorous and putting on makeup is only half of the process of feeling the indescribable bad wordy, sultry, delicate and sensual feelings of being a woman. The other part comes in as and when you cut on that Beyonce’, watch yourself get dressed in the mirror, admire your body no matter what flaws you have, put on your heels and walk out the door to knock every stranger you past off their feet. When you’re happy on the inside and able to ooze this confidence that no one can take away from you…that’s how a woman should feel.

And being in the company of an attractive man who doesn’t pull his phone out once during the date is icing on the cake!

Thank God I was able to experience it this week and hopefully I’m able to experience it more often.

As women, we often take on the weight of the world. We worry ourselves with taking care of our homes and loved ones, climbing the corporate ladder, being the perfect mate, achieving something new and every now and then, we should just revel in our femininity and appreciate our beauty…and curves…and gentleness…and pamper ourselves just for the heck of it.

I know I deserve it. Hell, we ALL deserve it.


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