I Did It (Part 2)

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Paying attention to what goes on around me has been one of the best lessons I’ve ever learned. It’s true that all the answers we’ll ever need are right with us at any given time, we just have to open our hearts and minds to receive them.

Meeting Shalonda at CUPS was not a coincidence. Choosing to read “The Alchemist” and “The Dream Giver” as and when I did was also not a coincidence. God and the Universe was pointing me in the direction I needed to go. I just had to decide whether or not I would cooperate. 

When I made it to work the next day, my spirit was anxious. I’d gotten my confirmation, I had my plan and all I needed to do was make it until December. I kept looking at my calendar trying to remain positive that I didn’t have long to go and that the time for me to make my exit would arrive before I knew it…

But another lesson that I’ve learned is that I can plan all I want, but sometimes God’s plan is a whole lot different.

“…your Giant is strong evidence that you’re right on track to achieve the Big Dream God put in your heart.” – The Dream Giver

I noticed that my supervisor’s attitude toward me had changed. At first I thought it was me being paranoid and trying to find a reason to quit sooner than I planned but after others noticed it, I knew it wasn’t just me. Not only was my supervisor acting strangely, I began to get even stranger text messages and phone calls about my performance from someone else.

It frustrated me and stressed me out. Seriously, I’d never experienced stress on a job before until those moments. My head was hurting, I couldn’t focus and I felt physically and mentally drained. I remember sitting on the bed in my hotel room at the time, thinking…

What if this is my way out? What if God wants me to go now?

From my readings, I’ve learned that once you surrender your dream to God, things get harder. The closer you get to achieving your dream, things get harder. So instead of giving in to my fear (trust me I was afraid to take the step), I was happy on the inside because I knew that I was close. I had to use everything I’d learned on my journey to become an entrepreneur to overcome this Giant, which was taking the form of two powerful people.

When God brings Giants to us, trust and believe it’s not just because He has nothing else to do. It’s because your dream is bigger than you. It’s bigger than what you’re going through and that’s the attitude we have to take if we want something to happen. We can’t give in to our fears and doubts and we cannot be lazy on this journey…because if we do, something important in this world will not happen. God wants to be honored for who He is and that’s why we face so many Giants. We face them so that we’ll know it was nobody but God that got us out and therefore, the glory goes to Him. So our dream doesn’t just benefit us…it benefits the Kingdom of God and so many other people.

Nothing in this world is by coincidence and I decided that the universe was helping me get what I wanted through this new situation at work that seemed to come completely out of nowhere.

Sunday evening I wrote my resignation letter and left it on my supervisors desk.

By Monday afternoon I had received money on a freelance project that I’d been hired for, I got a paid blogging opportunity through a company in London and I was asked to lead the PR efforts for a new project. By Tuesday afternoon, a friend of mine (Cherita Handy) sent me a generous monetary gift and I’d discussed new opportunities with entrepreneurs in Atlanta, which is one of my website’s biggest cities for readership.

I’d never cried so many tears of happiness in my life! I knew that all those things were God’s way of showing me that if I just trust Him, He will take care of all of my needs.

So, do you trust Him with your dream? If you do, then you need to take action right now.

I didn’t just quit my job because I wanted to own my own business. I’ve been working my own business since 2009 preparing myself for this moment. I had to have many successes and failures before I came to this point. So my journey didn’t just begin…but as soon as I turned my dream over to God (something I’d never done before) and asked for his blessings and direction, things began to happen and I was eventually able to take this terrifying step knowing that He is holding my hand the entire way.

“If a person is living out his Personal Legend, he knows everything he needs to know. There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.” – The Alchemist

Don’t make excuses for not doing what you’ve been called to do, no matter what it is. Don’t give into fear…allow God to fight your Giants, do your part and watch how things start shifting in your favor. Remember that if you don’t act on your purpose, something important in this world will not happen.

Happy Dreaming! :)

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