jessica-simienI’ve always been a rather humble person but it’s been taken to an entirely different level since I took a leap of faith and resigned from my job to pursue entrepreneurship full-time.

When I left my job, it was strictly because I believed without a shadow of a doubt that God was making a way for me to live out my dream of becoming a media powerhouse. I had a plan but it was thrown to the wind as and when things happened sooner that I’d anticipated. This led me to rely 100% on God to deliver on His promises.

I’d never been in that situation before.

I found myself depending on other people for things like money, a place to stay at times, encouragement and to simply be a listening ear or to tell me everything would be OK. I’ve built relationships with people that you couldn’t have paid me six months ago to believe that I’d have a working relationship with. I’ve been on my last dollar (or dime) and out of nowhere, I’d get paid from a project or someone would tell me they’re interested in my PR services or someone would just give me money just because. 

This is not a coincidence. It’s part of a bigger picture that will all come to pass in the future but it’s such a humbling experience and I’m so thankful to be where I’m at in my life right now. I’m truly happy…truly. Everything isn’t what I want it to be, but I’m OK with that and I can accept it. That’s what keeps me happy – knowing that everything is exactly how it’s supposed to be. I’m so confident because God has literally directed my steps and thoughts and the Universe is putting everything together.

I’m hopeful about 2015 being one of the best years of my life because I’m so much better as a person, so it’s bound to bring great things my way. I’m hopeful about my businesses (I have three now!) and my spiritual growth and I’m hopeful that my love life is going to go in a fulfilling direction. I’m just in a really good place!

What are you happy and hopeful about? Share with me!


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