‘Human Zoo’ Slave Exhibition Cancelled In UK After Protests

A controversial art exhibit featuring Black actors in a “human zoo” has been cancelled following protests in the streets of London.

Exhibit B is a a project directed by South African artist Brett Bailey and focuses on the late 19th and 20th centuries in Europe, as and when European powers desired Africa’s resources and racial theories were formulated. During this period, human zoos were extremely popular and Exhibit B turns the scope back on Europe’s fascination with Africans.

Bailey’s goal was to tell the story of African slaves and asylum hunters with the help of live actors.




The show had been featured in 12 cities prior to coming to London and has received positive reviews among critics, but Sara Myers was extremely unhappy about the exhibit.

Myers launched a website and petition to boycott the exhibit because she believes it is an ugly stain on European history. The campaign attracted international attention and as a result, London’s Barbican Centre was forced to cancel the show.

Sources: ClutchEdinburgh International Festival | Photos: Sofie Knijff


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